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Betty Duge Indigenous Family Wellbeing Support Worker

Betty assists families to feel better about their day to day parenting and along with helping sort through some bigger  challenges.

Richard Tapim Chief Maintenance Officer

Richard is our Chief Maintenance Officer. His day is crammed packed carrying out a variety repairs and maintenance.

Rosie Roberts Reception Support

Rosie volunteers her time by managing our reception and performing a variety of office administrative duties.

James Tapim Indigenous Family Wellbeing Support Manager

James is our Indigenous Family Wellbeing Support Manager. His job is managing and leading our Indigenous Family Wellbeing service.

Sam Raciti CEO of Mudth-Niyleta

Sam is our CEO, his primary responsibilities includes managing Mudth-Niyleta’s overall operations, resources and compliance.


Sam Hampton – Chairman

Stephanie Baggow

Helen Chatfield

Michael Hampton

Chantelle Woods

Sandy Woods