About Us

Mudth-Niyleta was opened back in 1988 with the aim of improving access to essential services for the Sarina’s Indigenous community. We are a non-government organisation run by indigenous locals with the aim to achieve a comparable standard of living for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders equivalent to that of mainstream Australia. 

Mudth-Niyleta exists to contribute to the wellness of the Sarina indigenous community. The Board focus is to constantly scan the external and internal environments to identify issues that impact on the community and to develop strategies to address those impacts. The result is  our unique  multi- functional organisation made up of a number of funded   services  each designed to respond to a particular area of “community wellness”.

Our Five Corporate Values

Ethical Integrity, Collaborative Teamwork, Authentically hands on approach, Building social value, and Progressive Corporate Citizen within our Sarina and regional communities.


Mudth-Niyleta Corporation aims to provide a Community Centre “Miller House” to act as headquarters, a central hub of information sharing, provide meeting, training and educational infrastructure in a culturally appropriate setting, provision for community drop-ins, to coordinate from and conduct a variety of programsprojects for the community.

Mudth-Niyleta Corporation aims to negotiate on the community’s behalf with government and non-government agencies in all areas, including economic and community development, education and other associated activities that lead to improving standards of living.


The objectives of the Corporation or purpose for which the Corporation is established are detailed in the constitution. These are:

  • The provision of holistic services that improve the standard of living for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These programs include Accommodation, Health,  Youth initiatives , Employment, Education and Cultural Preservation activities.
  • The provision of facilities to house the corporation.
  • Advocate and represent to the Corporation and the Sarina Indigenous Community to Government, Non-Government Organisations and individual entities.
  • Other objectives as the Governing Committee shall from time to time decide.

The Name Mudth-Niyleta was agreed upon by the community and the words came from both the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander languages.

Mudth is from the Torres Straits and means Gathering House

Niyleta is Aboriginal and translates into Coming Together

Mudth-Niyleta continues to support our Community, by firstly offering a friendly cultural safe  location for our community to meet, and secondly, to further provide a wide variety of support and programs. Over the Years, just some of these have included, Health programs, Art classes, Personal development workshops, Naidoc activities, Aged Care, Community resources, Play group, Women’s & Men’s Groups, Employment services, Tertiary Education  courses, Computer facilities, Family support, Client advocating support and Cultural maintenance.